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Vinyl Liners New and Replacement

Vinyl Liners both for new pools or replacement liners, play an important part of the appearance of the pool. With new advance printing techniques in liners, can change the water coloration to reflect the dramatic look you desire. Pattern ranges can be, from a bold open spacious sea texture appearance, to the deep aqua green t of the Caribbean.

The value in vinyl liners, is that the patterns and colors far exceed any look that could be created in a Gunite pool without spend in excess of $15,000 in upgraded finishes to create a similar appearance. The highlighted boarder patterns are equal to the same appearance, that are created with ceramic tiles on Gunite pools. The difference is, there in never any future repairs required with  tiles falling into the pool.

Seamless liners are the new refined process for manufacturing In Ground liners. The system developed by Latham Industries, makes for a consistent finish throughout the entire pool. This seamless look creates a overall appearance of a solid pattern look, without any visual interruptions.

On or about five years ago Latham Industries start creating a portfolio of liners without Tiles Boarders. To everyone surprise the appeal by consumers was wildly accepted. Today Latham has one of the largest selections of  Boarderless Liners in the Industry. Doctor Feelgoode's installs up to ninety percent of all new and replacement liners with this style.

Like your house, upgrading the finish look of your vinyl liner, will change the whole appearance  of your swimming experience. Ordering takes (7) days to receive and installation is (1) day.


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