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Everything You Need to Know About Semi-Inground Pools

What is a Semi-Inground Swimming Pool?

Semi-inground pools are the most versatile product in the pool market to date. Made of 230 galvanized steel with 52” paneled walls, the pool can be complete out of the ground to attach to an existing back yard deck or partial in the ground to conform with an existing patio or completely be buried flush with the exist back yard grade.

Semi-Inground Pool Shapes

The style is found in (4) pool shapes. Grecian, Ovals, Round, Free Form. Each style can be customized with additions such as walk in Fiberglass Steps, exist ladders and variety of finishing coping edges. Wood, pavers, or custom cement edges. Cement decking around the pool can be finished in color concrete, stamped concrete or stone aggregate. The same options you’d have for inground pools are available for semi-ingrounds.

Accessories for Semi-Inground Pools

Pool accessories are endless with heaters, both propane or natural gas, and the more operational cost efficient heat pumps. Sanitation options range from Standard Chlorine to salt systems and Ozone. Lights in LED white or color can be added to create the total night time water experience.

Installation Time for Semi-Inground Pools

The construction time to be able to swim if usually within 7 days. The finished pool construction depends on the selected deck finish of the product selected. With the selection of concrete, the completion can be within a 14-day cycle from the start date.

What is the Depth of a Semi-Inground Pool?

The depth of the pool is what makes the semi-inground so desirable. With a constant depth from one end of the pool to the other of 52” or mid chest level, you now have a fully recreation pool for all the family games and activities. No over the head deep water to contend with. Deeper water pools shortens the usable water available and eliminates the fun games such as volleyball, basketball or just have room for the family to be together.

Building this common depth pool allows you to eliminate the cost of building a deeper end to the pool which cost thousands to build.  Deeper End pools require special liners, and the expense cost in labor to form the shape of a deeper pool.  

Semi-Inground Pool Cost

In today’s market, the price of a great semi-inground pool with all the same appearances of an inground pool, would range from $23,000 to $28,000 for a fully constructed pool in your backyard.


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