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Why Choose a Salt Chlorine Generator to Keep Your Pool Clean

Why have salt systems/chlorine generators exploded in popularity in the last few years? Well, here at Doctor Feelgoode’s we have been installing them for almost two decades, but in the past few years they have become a mainstay staple and important part of our business. Omega is the brand we use and trust for ease of use and quality.

How Does a Salt Chlorine Generator Work?

What is all the fuss about? In short they make your life easier. They use technology that takes regular table salt then turns it into pure chlorine gas that recombines back into salt when it reaches the pool. In doing so all the sanitation and oxidation is done inside the plumbing. This leaves the water silkier, with the softness of salt (your tears are actually about three times saltier than the optimal range of salt in the pool) and making it so you do not have to handle those nasty chlorine tablets anymore. So, you get your crystal clear water without the hassle of harsh chemistry.

Benefits of Salt Systems

Not to mention ending the hassle of handling the chlorine directly.  This means no more spilling, strong odors, or eye and skin irritation. You can also say goodbye to green hair and bleached bathing suits. That being said, you can open your eyes underwater without the sting and burn due to the reduced chemical levels. You also do not need a shower to rinse all the crusty chlorine off before changing into your regular clothes or getting in bed. 


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