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The Benefits of Choosing a Fiberglass Pool

In today’s pool market, Fiberglass Pools are the “up and coming” desired purchase. The reasons, for those customers that study the Inground pool market are obvious to see. Installation timing is three days to be swimming—versus 30 to 45 days; durability in construction—no rusting or re-plastering; low operating cost—no replacement liners or repainting, and unique design features already built into the mold.

The leader of the industry is San Juan. With 60 years of manufacturing experience, San Juan has revolutionized the industry. With over 74,000 pools installed, the experience of building a superior finished product in a customer's backyard has been perfected.

The longevity of years of production has allowed to San Juan to build the most extensive model selection. Sundecks, Infinity Edges, Therapy, Free Form, Pools combined with Spas, makes your choice selection unlimited. All models have been designed from the input of 60 years of customers feedback. Presently San Juan has over a hundred models to select from—the largest Library of Fiberglass Pools in the industry.

With all of their accomplishments in styling, construction has always been their priority. San Juan is the only manufacture that uses 100% Vinyl Ester Resin. throughout the entire laminate structure. All pools are made with a minimum of 5 hand-laid layers of fiberglass. San Juan does not use “chopped” fiberglass which can make fiberglass brittle over the years. Then topped with two separate 16-mill of Satin smooth gel coat finish. The construction creates a product that is Cold Resistant to up to -321degrees, Heat Resistant up to 5,700 degrees, Acid Resistant, and Impact Resistant. A San Juan pool is "Bullet Proof".  From 15' away it can stop a 9mm 44 Magnum bullet.

The satisfaction of buying your pool and seeing it arrive at your home on a truck, then to be installed in your yard within hours, enhances the total swimming pool purchase. San Juan has the largest dealer network to support the entire United States. Doctor Feelgoode's is a part of this network for the past 15 years representing the North East Pennsylvania market.


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