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Heating Your Pool: Heat Pumps vs Gas Heaters

Have you ever been curious about extending your swim season? Wondering about your options and the differences between heaters and heat pumps? Well you’re not the only one. Both are designed to heat your pool water, but it is done in different ways. Heat pumps are more expensive up front but cheaper to run. Whereas heaters are cheaper up front but cost more to run and are less environmentally friendly.

Why Choose a Heat Pump for Your Pool

Heat pumps can pay for themselves in the long run given their cheaper running costs but require electrical hookup as well as being plumbed in. So, if you already have propane or natural gas on your land it may be easier to go with a heater. If you are building a new pool or do not have gas already on your land then a heat pump may be the way to go. If you already have a pool you may even have enough electricity at your electrical box to power the heat pump without having to run more lines.

Given that heat pumps are run purely on electricity you can think of them as the reverse of an air conditioner. They take ambient heat from outside (any temperature above 50 degrees Fahrenheit) and inject it into the water as it passes through the unit. You can actually feel the cold air coming out of the top of the unit when it is running and they sweat just like an air conditioning unit would. This makes heat pumps perfect for extending the pool season and holding a temperature for a consistent period of time but not as good as gas heaters for boosting the temperature quickly.

Why Choose a Gas Heater for Your Pool

Heaters run on natural gas or propane so you can raise the heat much faster than on a heat pump but the energy consumption cost is higher. Gas heaters use combustion and heat exchangers to transfer heat directly to the water from the unit. So, they are best used for shorter periods of time. Although, they can be used to maintain temperatures in climates below 50 degrees unlike a heat pump. If you already have gas on your property it may be easier to stick with a gas heater rather than an electrical unit. Also, you will need to decide between natural gas or propane depending on price and availability in your area.

Doctor Feelgoode's is an authorized Hayward dealer for the past 30 years. With a full line of Heaters and Heat Pumps are effort is size each system to match the gallons to heat your pool will require and most important to find the system that gives you the warmth you will enjoy.


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