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Family Packages starting at   $2399

Superior Design
From our two-piece, injected molded top cover to our steel Krystal Kote® top rails and uprights, this pool incorporates superior design elements for superior long-term performance. Even the Champagne/Ivory color scheme of this pool was chosen specifically to enhance your home and match the latest in backyard décor.

Style & Strength
The engineering details of this pool make it one of our best sellers. Using an interlocking steel stabilizer at the top of the pool combined with a hardware-free ‘Snap-In’ resin bottom cuff ensures a stronger, faster installation with superior stability. Even our attractive embossed top rail and uprights give the pool added strength with visual appeal! From top to bottom the details of this beautiful pool will be enjoyed for many years to come.

PRICE GUARANTEE (Offer thru 6/1/2013) If you purchase an Above Ground Pool offered by Doctor Feelgoodes for 2013 and you were to find the same product packages being offered at a lower price...Doctor Feelgoodes will match the price and reduce your initial purchase by $100.00.


• 6” Polyester Resin Steel Top Seat

• Angular Appearance

• 6” Polyester Resin Coated Steel Upright

• Polyester Resin Coated Steel Rims

• Polyester Resin Coated Steel Wall

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