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Why Choose a Home Spa

Using a spa is enjoyable all year round, but it’s even more so in the winter

months. With a 11” warm vapor cloud, that extends over the water level, you

experience the warmth of the spa no matter temperature is outside. There is

nothing better than enjoying the warmth of the water as your viewing the

evening sky.

Spas with their unique insulation, allows the water to resist the cold, and maintain the high temperature that creates for your water enjoyment. With all the various adjustable jets and relaxing loungers, you can enjoy hydrotherapy 365 days a year.

Spas have shown to help manage the daily stress of business and family life.

Moments of relaxation in the comfort of a spa produces physiological effects

comparable to mediation and cognitive performance.

In short a 15 minute Spa session can:

  • Help with Relaxation and Stress Management

  • Relieves backaches and lumbar pain

  • Soothes joint and muscular pain

  • Promotes better sleeping

  • Improves cardiovascular heath

All these benefits and many more are well documented. Therapy spas have

proven be a wonderful addition to your home as a total stress reliever for your

family. Dynamic hydrotherapy is a primary goal. It is the heart of the spa. Jet

placement has been calculated to activate pressure points on the body. Thru the

positioning of neck jets and spinal focus your body begins to react to the

stimulation of the water therapy. Carpal tunnel jets ease the hand and fingers.

Jumbo jets located in the fool wells, provide foot stimulation the body needs.

The perfect balance to your therapy session would be the soothing melody of

music. Driven by a powerful amplifier with strong base speakers, the sounds of

your favorite music make your experience far more enjoyable. Controlled by the

spa’s touch display or by Bluetooth on your phone. The selection of tunes are at

your control. Seven color light selection is the finishing touch to the whole


Portable, self sufficient, meaning no piping water “hook up” to the house. With a quick electrical “hook up” to the house, you can be enjoying your new purchase in

less than 24 hours.

Dynasty Spas, Stealth Spas, Celtic Spas are many examples to consider.


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