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The Jewel

Carved out of excellence, The Jewel was designed to withstand both inward and outward pressure.  Installed in the ground, the extruded plank construction can withstand the pressure of ground with, or without water.  Virtually making it impervious to the Harsh Northeast weather.  When completed, the final appearance is all to your liking and costumed to your yard.

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized 235 Steel Panels

  • 54" Depth..Full Recreational Pool

  • 20 Mill Liner with 20 Year Warranty

  • Adjustable "A" Frame Bracing

  • Concrete Around Pool To "Lock" Steel Panels

  • Compact And Tamped Sand Bottom

  • Extra Wide Mouth Skimmer

  • Return- Extra Circulation

  • Plumbing of Flexible Frost Proof Hose

  • 4' Steel Entrance Step With Covered Liner

  • In Liner Chlorinator

  • All Dura Ball Valves For Ease and Flexibility 

  • Stainless Steel Ladder or Entrance Handrail 

  • Complete Installation- No Electrical-

  • Excavation

  • Rough Grade With Existing Dirt

  • Commercial Sand Filter

  • Hayward 1.5 Hp Super Pump

  • Complete Accessory Kit

Doylestown, PA

Whitehall, PA

Perkasie, PA

Hazelton, PA

Norristown, PA

Emmaus, PA

Bethlehem, PA

Allentown, PA

Bath, PA

Nazareth, PA

Nazareth, PA

Bethlehem, PA

Nazareth, PA

Bath, PA

"Requires AG/IG Style Permit"
"Requires AG/IG Style Permit"
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